Disruptive Mobile-Centric Banking App

Increasing user acquisition across multiple channels for a next-generation online and mobile payments company.

Track and manage campaigns and users across desktop, mobile web, and mobile app; target and acquire not just downloads, but the highest-value and most active customers.
Infrastructure & Data Management Program
Working collaboratively with the client, we integrated all paid and unpaid campaigns with a Data Management Platform (DMP) to track visits, downloads, applications, acceptances, and ultimately usage and Lifetime Value across all vendors, segments, and creative. Our tech team developed infrastructure like smart sniffers and traffic redirectors to allow for optimized funnel by device, and quick launches, changes, and tracking across new and existing vendors. As a result, new campaigns can now be launched in hours, not weeks.
Media Optimization Program
We reviewed all desktop and mobile marketing channels for growth potential, efficiency challenges, and growth opportunities. Our new acquisition strategy included a mix of cost per install (CPI) mobile, branding, and web campaigns. We rebuilt and optimized existing campaigns, and tested and optimized select new vendors to increase performance, flexibility, and diversity. Working directly with top vendors and our DMP partner, we created a real-time feed of our best customers for dynamic look-alike targeting, yielding some of the most efficient high-value target campaigns in the portfolio.
Creative Testing Program
We created a messaging and testing framework across multiple user segments, including demographic and use case. This allowed for targeted functional and psychological messing tests across vendor channels for optimal performance. In addition, we added new creative tests across all vendors and campaigns, with continuous optimization based on incoming data.
In just two months from launch, hit a record number of app downloads, account applications, and new user accounts.

  • 44 percent increase in completed applications
  • 46 percent decrease in cost per complete
  • 25 percent increase in approvals
  • 38 percent decrease in cost per approval