Mid-Sized B2B Manufacturer / Retailer (Top 3 in Category)

Maximize quality lead volume for a Top 3 in category B2B manufacturer / retailer.

Increase search lead volume while at the same time increasing quality of lead - as measured by sales close rate – to maximize sales and efficiency of the sales team.
Search Engine Marketing Optimization Program
We optimized all SEM campaigns, keywords, and ads to maximize efficiency and growth potential. Working with the client, we built and executed a testing matrix to target precise messaging across vendors, campaigns, and user segments. We created brand new campaigns focused on the most profitable of all search segments, and launched new foreign-language campaigns to take advantage of growing markets.
Landing Page Optimization
Built optimized landing pages with targeted messaging to increase Google Quality Score (QS), lower media costs, and increase click-to-lead and lead-to-sale conversion rates.
Lead Quality Program
We initiated a program to track all lead results by vendor and campaign, tagging every incoming lead by source, campaign, and even keyword information for evaluation of lifetime value (LTV). This required custom landing page coding to accept and store parameters passed via custom URLs.
Within 3 months, achieved best month in client history.

  • 293% YoY increase in leads and sales, with a 40% reduction in cost per lead and cost per dale
  • 23% increase in conversion rate via SEM optimized funnel
  • Identified high and low potential leads for sales team prioritization