Mid-Market Fashion Retailer

Increasing sales and customer lifetime value across all acquisition channels for a top-five in-category retailer.

Jumpstart sales from sagging digital channels and introduce new opportunities for growth. Create program to minimize high inventory costs as well as cancellations from backordered inventory.
Paid Channel Optimization Program
We reviewed all areas of company for growth potential and efficiency, revamping search, media, comparison shopping engine (CSE), and affiliate campaigns. Search campaigns were rebuilt from scratch, focusing on highest performing keywords, and targeted messaging and landing pages. We reached out to top performing affiliates with specialized offers and custom terms to add to the source mix.
Site Rebuild / SEO Program
We delivered and implemented targeted SEO recommendations, streamlined or removed a number of sub-sites, and revamped the primary web site with a focus on optimized landing pages and improved user flow.
Updated Inventory Process
We analyzed client data to calculate lost sales due to backorders by brand and SKU, as well as slowest performers. In addition, we optimized inventory mix to focus on highest volume and ROI, and matched marketing campaigns and promotions and site flow to increase concentration of high-performers.
Over 9 months, increase revenues by 170 percent overall, and negotiated successful sale to major player in category.

  • 2.1x improvement in overall site conversion rate
  • 6 percent improvement in overall margin
  • Increase search campaign efficiency by over 50 percent
  • 500 percent increase in revenues from e-mail
  • Cut order cancellation rate from 28.9 percent to 10.8 percent by streamlining inventory and optimizing campaign efforts around top-selling products