Taking Luxury Online

Jumpstarting sales across digital channels for a $10 billion luxury retailer.

Create an acquisition strategy for a newly acquired digital sales channel, after a luxury retailer with minimal e-commerce presence buys into the e-commerce space.
Paid Channel Optimization Program
We reviewed all marketing channels for growth potential, and determined target areas for optimization and growth. We optimized all search engine marketing (SEM), identifying non-performing segments, and breaking out the most successful keyword segments with targeted copy and new bid strategies. We also surveyed all affiliate channel partners, looking for additional performers in the space, as well as waste and fraud in current partners.
SEO Strategy
We created a customized optimization plan for both on-page and off-page SEO factors, including content, coding, UX, linking/URL structure, and information architecture. (Specific techniques are bound by ongoing NDA.)
Attribution / Channel Strategy Review
Working in tandem with the client, we created an attribution modelling framework to look at channel contributions in a multi-click environment. The new methodology helped us to identify the specific ability of channels to attract, influence, and close potential customers, and build a scoring system to allow for proper budget allocations.
Though careful planning and deep optimization of campaigns, created double and triple digital gains in digital channels in a matter of months

  • 81 percent increase in search channel sales, with average cost per sale reduced by 33%
  • 295 percent increase in organic SEO traffic
  • 18 percent increase in affiliate sales, with fraud identified and removed from program
  • $175k in additional savings from trimming wasted monthly media buys, as identified by new attribution program