Identity Program

GMAC pulled together five large, regional real estate groups focused on high-end markets—and then applied the legacy GMAC brand that had been designed for a mass-market automobile financing company. This began a downward trend in their business, damaging their credibility with both internal and external audiences; we were hired to reverse that trend.
We began the process by designing a new logo system anchored in the legacy names of the regional businesses. The design prominently displays the local name, elegantly downplays the GMAC connection, and unifies the group under a common approach. We chose a new color palette that helped the brand stand apart from the competition, and selected the modern-yet-classic typeface Mrs. Eaves from Emigre as the companion to the logo. We also developed brand guidelines that cover all possible applications of the new logos, on any media type. The program included a full redesign of the company’s signage, for both its offices and listings.