We’re thrilled to announce that Proper Villains has been selected as a REBRAND 100 Global Award Winner for our branding and design work with Deep, the information sciences company that’s reinventing the database. Not a small feat when the industry is dominated by companies like Oracle and SAP.

Each year REBRAND, the leading global resource for case studies on effective brand transformations, selects 100 winners that demonstrate excellent work in repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets to meet business goals.

The core of of Deep’s rebrand—on which every other element hinged— was its name. Inspired by a series of conversations with the company’s leadership team, we renamed the company as Deep Information Sciences—a name that’s big, powerful, and simple—to reflect the company’s mission: to bring to market a completely new general purpose database, which hadn’t been done in 30 years. DeepDB, the product name, extended the company name logically and effectively.

We architected the Deep brand on every level, from messaging strategy and core identity to creative theory and voice development. From that foundation, we designed and built investor presentations, a stationery system, the website, and product UI.

The logo was inspired by elements of the science behind the company’s product. We created custom letterforms with pure geometric lines and circles—the 1s and 0s of binary information. As a cloud-friendly technology, DeepDB is infinitely scaleable—the two facing e’s in the logo imply an infinity symbol. The technology also leverages the engineering concept of recursiveness—and the second half of the logo (ep) is a self-similar repeat of the first half of the logo (de).

Kurt Dobbins, then-founder & CEO of Deep Information Sciences, had this to say about the logo: “I am thrilled with the Deep logo, which has become an iconic beacon for our company. Like our technology, it is both simple and complex, making it the perfect representation of what we do.”

You can find our award-winning work for Deep here.

We also happen to be in great company—check out some of the awesome case studies included in the full winner showcase.